Not Your Average Agency


Founded in 2016, The Chi Group is an award winning marketing and branding agency focusing on humanizing brands in today’s competitive landscape. We work with clients in fashion, beauty, food, and beverages by creating unique ways to increase brand awareness through out-of-the-box strategies, creative marketing, and much more in order to transform brands into a lifestyle.


Marketing has evolved into a cohesive and collective practice of deeply inspiring customers. The Chi Group understands how to create brands that interact with customers and immerses into your customers’ lives through unique experiences that ultimately turn your brand into a lifestyle brand, bringing value while building deep, everlasting and meaningful relationships.


Connie Chi

Founder & CEO

Connie's not just the brains behind our agency, she did a TEDx Talk, Lonely AF: Lonely About Failure, hosts a podcast called, Humanizing Brands where she dishes out her secrets on marketing and branding acquired over 15+ years (that's a really long time). She’s also written a book called, Branding Without A Brand, and she’s a regular keynote speaker who speaks on global stages about marketing strategies, brand experiences, customer loyalty, and entrepreneurship.

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