Not Your Average Branding Agency


Founded in 2015 by Connie Chi, The Chi Group focuses on humanizing and co-branding brands in today’s competitive landscape. We work with brands looking for unique ways to increase awareness through out-of-the-box strategies, collaborations, and experiences that help drive your brand’s market share and revenue.


Branding has evolved into a cohesive and collective practice of building experiences that connect with customers. The Chi Group understands how to leverage awareness to create engagement. Even though we focus on humanizing and co-branding brands we can also do the things other branding agencies do too.


Connie Chi

Founder & CEO


Connie's not just the brains behind our agency, she also hosts a podcast called, The Brand Academy Podcast where she dishes out her secrets on marketing and branding acquired over 17+ years (that's a really long time)

Personal Motto: Life's boring if you always follow the rules

Her Secret Success Weapons: She's trilingual and Vegan