Connie Chi, Humanizes Customer Loyalty In Iconic Talk

Los Angeles, CA- (June 29, 2019) Customers are the lifeline of any business and in today’s attention economy, brands are competing for attention. Not only are businesses vying for customers’ attention they are constantly scrambling to figure out how to keep their customers coming back to them over and over again. 

Founder, Connie Chi spoke at PCMA’s Educon located at JW LA Live yesterday about humanizing customers loyalty through experiences. The inspiring talk explored how to create emotional experiences that touch the human spirit. Chi stated, “when we have the power to change our customers’ lives, we have staying power in the marketplace for the long run.” 

In this iconic talk, Connie brought humor to the stage and demonstrated the power of emotions have when it comes to creating everlasting memories. Though some fear that technology may one day diminish the power of emotions, Chi argued that human emotions can not be replaced but in fact, technology with simply be an aid to help us enhance our experiences. She also gave examples from global brands that were changing lives, touching the human spirit and still creating very human experiences. 

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