The Chi Group Sponsors Massive NYC Cutie Con Expo

Manhattan, NY- (Mar. 11, 2019) All things cute seem to have a way to capture our hearts, whether it’s cute dogs or simply cute stationary it’s a staple in the marketplace no matter age. The Chi Group recently announced that it will be one of the many sponsors for the first-ever cute expo, “Cutie Con,” coming Summer of 2020. The expo will launch into the marketplace for the first time in NYC attracting global exhibitors and attendees. Cutie Con estimates the expo will generate close to 70,000+ attendees and over 300 exhibitors with plans to expand its expo overseas.  

To date, there is no official announcement as to where exactly the expo will be held. A representative of the expo states, “We are currently in the planning stages looking for sponsors and NYC locations that can offer at least 125K sq. feet in order to house the event. The goal of Cutie Con is to bring a nostalgic and impactful experience to global consumers and give brands an opportunity to network and elevate business endeavors within the cute market.” We’ll just have to stay tuned to see what cuteness Cutie Con will bring to us.

About Cutie Con:

Cutie Con is a global cute expo first to market launching in NYC. The expo will be promoting all things cute in accessories, media/film, cosmetics, electronics, toys, books, fashion, food, books and more.  

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