The Chi Group Partners With Jenzemi in Approachable Fashion

Manhattan, NY- (Jan. 14, 2019) From streetwear to sustainable fashion and now approachable fashion where real people and real fashion converge onto the scene. Fashion has long been the iconic inspiration that empowers so many of us by giving people a platform to express themselves in the most uniquely creative ways. As we start to prepare for NYFW and kick off 2019, The Chi Group has partnered up with Jenzemi, a fashion blog for the people by the people. Our founder Connie Chi, has also been recently added to the board of directors of this organization.

Jenzemi is founded by top teen entrepreneur to watch for in 2019, Jenna Kim. Jenzemi is a fashion blog that explores the unique style of everyday people walking down the street. The blog tells the story not just of fashion, but of the person curating the fashion. As a teen entrepreneur, Jenna is also involved in the student-led startup Design 4 Impact (D4i), where she recruits talent and is head of events.

This recent partnership sparked tremendous curiosity from influencers to everyday people as Chi states, “ it’s beyond inspiring to see young women spearheading new initiatives in the fashion space by providing a fresh new take on something that was once only reserved for the glossy magazines on newsstands.”

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