New Client Announcement: The Chi Group Partners with By Minnie Park

Manhattan, NY- (Jan. 21, 2019) The Chi Group is delighted to announce its newest partnership with By Minnie Park, a handcrafted vegan candle line that combines high-quality essential oils and natural ethically sourced gemstones, founded by renowned beauty influencer, fashion model, and now candlemaker Minnie Park.

By Minnie Park was born through Minnie’s own challenges with mental wellness when she discovered the healing properties of combining crystals with essential oils to soothe the soul. This discovery has led Minnie on a mission to bring peace, joy, and happiness in the form of handcrafted crystal candles to those who face challenges with mental wellness. The assortment of each aromatherapy candle serves to address different needs individuals may have. Lavender candles infused with amethyst crystals are designed to calm and relax where Bergamot Aventurine and Peridot acts as a cleanser not just for the body but also for the air. The Eucalyptus Aquamarine combination helps to eradicate mental exhaustion and stress. While the Patchouli Tiger’s Eye candle serves as an anxiety reducer that also balances the mind, body, and soul.

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