John Wick 3 Actor, Sergio Delavicci Supports Anti-Bullying at I.S. 303

Brooklyn, NY- (Oct. 7, 2019) Anti-bullying in schools is a global initiative challenging schools to not only tackle physical bullying but also cyber-bullying. Children are growing up with more and more access to technology which brings with it a new set of challenges. I.S. 303 is leading the charge in Brooklyn, taking a zero-tolerance stance on bullying of any kind.

As part of the movement school leadership principal, Carmen N. Amador, Assistant Principal Audrey Houston, and Guidance Counselor, Brett Dobin all vowed to stop bullying starting with their own school by inviting Sergio Delavicci, graduate of I.S. 303 and actor known for his role in movies such as John Wick 3, The Post, Creed 2, You Were Never Really Here and TV shows such as Power, Law & Order, Gotham, Quantico, Madam Secretary and more to speak with the students ranging from sixth to eighth grade about his own experiences with bullying. 

Delavicci encourages the students to open up about bullying and offering solutions stating, “There are several ways to confront a bully, don’t hold it in. Contact an adult because they will be able to handle the situation.” He goes on to remind the students, “It’s important that you all understand bullying can lead to serious consequences such as academic failure, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol use, crime and suicide.” 

The actor’s passion for giving back to the community has always been part of a strong foothold in his life as well as the ethos supporting his humanitarian efforts, encouraging change while supporting the youth focusing on anti-bullying, prison reformation, motivation, women empowerment, and the power of positivity. 

About Sergio Delavicci:

Sergio Delavicci is a highly recognized SAG/AFTRA actor, model, motivational speaker, and humanitarian featured in GQ Magazine, NY Post, Readers Digest, On Mogul, Vain Culture, Inner Success and many more media outlets. Delavicci was awarded a proclamation for his achievements in acting, modeling and community service by the Senator of New York, Kevin S. Parker, and a Certificate of Merit by the New York Assembly for his continued accomplishments, dedication, and leadership. Sergio was also awarded the Ambassador of Goodwill by the International Film Festival in Manhattan. He’s known for his roles in movies such as You Were Never Really Here, The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg and Creed 2. Sergio has also been seen in TV Shows such as Law & Order SVU, Blue Bloods, Shades Of Blue, Elementary, The Sinner, Luke Cage, Tick, Limitless, The Blacklist, Blindspot, Gotham, Power, Defenders, Madam Secretary, Quantico, and many more.

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Masterminding Marketing With The Chi Group

Manhattan, NY- (Sept. 27, 2019) Marketing is the breadth and backbone of aliveness for any brand or business. No matter the size of a business, without marketing there’s no sales. The Chi Group aims to help more businesses and brands launch into the marketplace by unveiling its very first Marketing Mastermind. 

The mastermind led by founder, marketing and branding expert, TEDx speaker, author and podcast host, Connie Chi. This online community will be THE ultimate resource for brands to find answers for their deepest marketing and branding questions. It’ll share with members the best strategies for marketing and branding while connecting them to a network of experts who will share their expertise in order to help businesses level-up their brands in a competitive marketplace. 

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The Chi Group Launches First Times Square Campaign

Manhattan, NY- (Sept 23, 2019) Times Square is the central hub and heartbeat of most things New York where brands are launched and businesses are seen. The Chi Group an award-winning marketing and branding agency launches it’s first Times Square campaign with Sergio Delavicci, John Wick 3 actor. Delavicci has also been featured in The Post, You Were Never Really Here, Creed 2 alongside many TV series such as Law & Order SVU, Blue Bloods, Shades Of Blue, Elementary, The Sinner, Luke Cage, Tick, Limitless, The Blacklist, Blindspot, Gotham, Power, Defenders, Madam Secretary, Quantico, and many more.

The John Wick 3 actor was chosen as the face of the campaign because of his humanitarian efforts and in large his passion for giving back to the community, from speaking at schools to prisons about positivity and the power of second chances. 

Delavicci’s highly recognizable presence was seen on four digital billboards in Times Square which garnered over 5 million impressions within a few minutes. This campaign was a first of its kind for The Chi Group bringing the agency to new heights. 

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Inner Success Unveiling The Secret to Living Fully

Manhattan, NY- (Sept 20, 2019) We all strive to live fully in order to live a life of fulfillment in a world massively plagued with frivolous distractions and negativity. Inner Success Project, a high-level mastermind group gathering the world’s best minds in a collaborative synergy share with attendees the ultimate secret to living full-on. The four-day event was hosted by Carnival Cruises where attendees had a chance to explore and share in the inspiration of life through renowned speakers who authentically shared their vulnerability. 

Speakers included Elina Lee and Jacob Jacomine, founders and master creative geniuses of Inner Success Project, Connie Chi founder, producer and TEDx speaker, Robby D’Angelo, Human Optimization Expert, Joe Elizalde Jr., Social Entrepreneur and Father, Charmion Janae Childhood Trauma Survivor, Daniel Lee Resident CEO in Training, Alex Locke, Travel Entrepreneur and many more. The 4-day event was filled with stories that truly represented the human potential and masterminds from all walks of life. 

The sold-out event has attracted many renowned global brands and some of the world’s top experts to their upcoming February 2020 event hosted by Le Blanc Resorts in Cancun, Mexico. The star-studded line-up will be announced later this year. 

About Inner Success Project:

Inner Success Project a high-level mastermind where brilliant minds meet to breakthrough and #shareyourstory. The collective group travels around the world to seek out the best experts in order to learn how to harness human potential while networking for exponential growth.  

The Chi Group Named Key Sponsor At Inner Success Project Mastermind, Connecting Humans

Manhattan, NY- (Sept.2, 2019) Human connection is the key to sustaining long-term meaningful relationships. The Chi Group’s ethos of humanizing brands aligns with synchronicity alongside Inner Success Project Mastermind’s mission of bringing together the top talents in motivation while teaching others to level-up their lives. This exclusive event launches February 2020 in Cancun, Mexico within the beautiful luxury Le Blanc resort. Four days of inspiration, growth, and motivation, attendees with have the opportunity to hear from TedX Speakers, celebrities, experts, and many more innovators.  

The Chi Group is proud to announce that it will be one of the key sponsors for the upcoming 2020 Mastermind. As an award-winning marketing and branding agency The Chi Group works with clients across industries varying from fashion, beauty, celebrity brand management, hospitality, spas, food and beverages with one goal in mind- helping clients create experiences that better connect with the world through unique marketing strategies, hence humanizing brands.  

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Star-Studded Partnership, The Chi Group and International Entertainment Network

Manhattan, NY- (Aug. 20, 2019) The Chi Group expands its services with its newest star studded partnership, International Entertainment Network (INEPP), working with celebrities, pro-athletes, and entertainers to help them tell their story. We at The Chi Group believe that part of humanizing your brand is storytelling. Each and every one of us has a story that’s worth telling so together with INEPP and The Chi Group we help your story come to life using turnkey strategies and processes to help share your story with the world. 

INEPP, a one-stop publishing house that works with high profile clients by giving them the opportunity to tell their story in the most organically authentic way by offering services from ghostwriting, distribution, publishing, marketing, PR and much more allowing you to tell your story your way.

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Connie Chi, Humanizes Customer Loyalty In Iconic Talk

Los Angeles, CA- (June 29, 2019) Customers are the lifeline of any business and in today’s attention economy, brands are competing for attention. Not only are businesses vying for customers’ attention they are constantly scrambling to figure out how to keep their customers coming back to them over and over again. 

Founder, Connie Chi spoke at PCMA’s Educon located at JW LA Live yesterday about humanizing customers loyalty through experiences. The inspiring talk explored how to create emotional experiences that touch the human spirit. Chi stated, “when we have the power to change our customers’ lives, we have staying power in the marketplace for the long run.” 

In this iconic talk, Connie brought humor to the stage and demonstrated the power of emotions have when it comes to creating everlasting memories. Though some fear that technology may one day diminish the power of emotions, Chi argued that human emotions can not be replaced but in fact, technology with simply be an aid to help us enhance our experiences. She also gave examples from global brands that were changing lives, touching the human spirit and still creating very human experiences. 

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Celebrating New Partnership With John Wick 3 Actor, Sergio Delavicci

Manhattan, NY- (May 17, 2019) The Chi Group named official PR and marketing agency of record for actor Sergio Delavicci. Sergio is known for his roles in movies such as John Wick 3 “Parabellum” directed by Chad Stahelski, You Were Never Really Here and The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg. Delavicci has also been in TV Shows such as Law & Order SVU, Blue Bloods, Shades Of Blue, Elementary, The Sinner, Luke Cage, Tick, Limitless, The Blacklist, Blindspot, Gotham, Power, Defenders, Madam Secretary, Quantico, and many more.

Delavicci has worked with well-known celebrities such as Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Anjelica Huston, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Dacascos, George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, Donnie Wahlberg, James Spader, Joaquin Phoenix, 50 Cent, Priyanka Chopra, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Michael B. Jordan, Batista (from WWE), and more.

In his ongoing humanitarian efforts, Delavicci is passionate about giving back to the community working with at-risk youths, prisons, women empowerment groups, and motivating the next generation to follow their dreams. He’s been featured in GQ Magazine, NY Post, Readers Digest, Vain Culture, Money Inc. On Mogul, and many more media outlets.

Sergio was awarded a proclamation for his achievements in acting, modeling and community service by the Senator of New York, Kevin S. Parker, and a Certificate of Merit by the New York Assembly for his continued accomplishments, dedication, and leadership. Sergio was also awarded the Ambassador of Goodwill by the International Film Festival in Manhattan.

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Founder Connie Chi Lands TedX Talk About Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Manhattan, NY- (Apr. 28, 2019) We are excited to announce that founder and serial entrepreneur, Connie Chi has a candid talk about the mental struggles of entrepreneurs. In her first TedX Talk, Lonely AF: Lonely About Failure, Chi talks about her own personal struggles and how she got past the mental hurdles of having three failed businesses in her lifetime.

Entrepreneurs rarely talk about their personal mental challenges so Connie hopes that this talk will inspire others to honestly share and come together to not only celebrate their successes but also their failures.

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The Chi Group Sponsors Massive NYC Cutie Con Expo

Manhattan, NY- (Mar. 11, 2019) All things cute seem to have a way to capture our hearts, whether it’s cute dogs or simply cute stationary it’s a staple in the marketplace no matter age. The Chi Group recently announced that it will be one of the many sponsors for the first-ever cute expo, “Cutie Con,” coming Summer of 2020. The expo will launch into the marketplace for the first time in NYC attracting global exhibitors and attendees. Cutie Con estimates the expo will generate close to 70,000+ attendees and over 300 exhibitors with plans to expand its expo overseas.  

To date, there is no official announcement as to where exactly the expo will be held. A representative of the expo states, “We are currently in the planning stages looking for sponsors and NYC locations that can offer at least 125K sq. feet in order to house the event. The goal of Cutie Con is to bring a nostalgic and impactful experience to global consumers and give brands an opportunity to network and elevate business endeavors within the cute market.” We’ll just have to stay tuned to see what cuteness Cutie Con will bring to us.

About Cutie Con:

Cutie Con is a global cute expo first to market launching in NYC. The expo will be promoting all things cute in accessories, media/film, cosmetics, electronics, toys, books, fashion, food, books and more.  

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The Chi Group Splashes Onto The NYFW Scene With New Ad Campaign

Manhattan, NY- (Feb. 14, 2019) New York City known for its fast pace, bright lights, and ostentatiously creative ideas. This year The Chi Group splashes into the NYFW in Manhattan with its newest billboard campaign, humanizing brands featuring celebrity actor, model, athlete, and motivational speaker Sergio Delavicci.

The marketing and branding agency works with lifestyle brands to create a more humanistic brand that evokes curiosity through campaigns and experiences that tap into the true desire of humanity. This campaign is to encourage brands to take a different approach by really listening to consumers and getting to know each of us simply as people.

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New Client Announcement: The Chi Group Partners with By Minnie Park

Manhattan, NY- (Jan. 21, 2019) The Chi Group is delighted to announce its newest partnership with By Minnie Park, a handcrafted vegan candle line that combines high-quality essential oils and natural ethically sourced gemstones, founded by renowned beauty influencer, fashion model, and now candlemaker Minnie Park.

By Minnie Park was born through Minnie’s own challenges with mental wellness when she discovered the healing properties of combining crystals with essential oils to soothe the soul. This discovery has led Minnie on a mission to bring peace, joy, and happiness in the form of handcrafted crystal candles to those who face challenges with mental wellness. The assortment of each aromatherapy candle serves to address different needs individuals may have. Lavender candles infused with amethyst crystals are designed to calm and relax where Bergamot Aventurine and Peridot acts as a cleanser not just for the body but also for the air. The Eucalyptus Aquamarine combination helps to eradicate mental exhaustion and stress. While the Patchouli Tiger’s Eye candle serves as an anxiety reducer that also balances the mind, body, and soul.

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The Chi Group Has a Knac With Online Hiring Platform

Manhattan, NY- (Jan. 21, 2019) The recent partnership between The Chi Group and Knac, an online hiring platform kicked off this past week with an exciting collaborative event with Nike in their new Soho, Manhattan store. Over 500 potential handpicked candidates through Knac met with Nike team members to discuss their future roles with the brand.

NFL Jets defensive end, Leonard Williams spoke to the candidates about what it meant to just dream and be an official Nike athlete. The panel discussion led by Knac founder Ariel Lopez examined the Nike ethos, what it meant to be part of the Nike family and the company ecosystem they are looking to build with new talents.

Knac not only has the propensity to cut down the hiring process time but it’s also the place where candidates gain visibility, get feedback and showcase their skillset. Companies have the ability to screen and engage potential talents that already vetted by the online hiring platform. Knac has worked with renowned global brands such as Google, Mastercard, Oscar, Snapchat and many more to secure the most promising talents around the world. For more information about Knac visit

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The Chi Group Partners With Jenzemi in Approachable Fashion

Manhattan, NY- (Jan. 14, 2019) From streetwear to sustainable fashion and now approachable fashion where real people and real fashion converge onto the scene. Fashion has long been the iconic inspiration that empowers so many of us by giving people a platform to express themselves in the most uniquely creative ways. As we start to prepare for NYFW and kick off 2019, The Chi Group has partnered up with Jenzemi, a fashion blog for the people by the people. Our founder Connie Chi, has also been recently added to the board of directors of this organization.

Jenzemi is founded by top teen entrepreneur to watch for in 2019, Jenna Kim. Jenzemi is a fashion blog that explores the unique style of everyday people walking down the street. The blog tells the story not just of fashion, but of the person curating the fashion. As a teen entrepreneur, Jenna is also involved in the student-led startup Design 4 Impact (D4i), where she recruits talent and is head of events.

This recent partnership sparked tremendous curiosity from influencers to everyday people as Chi states, “ it’s beyond inspiring to see young women spearheading new initiatives in the fashion space by providing a fresh new take on something that was once only reserved for the glossy magazines on newsstands.”

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Founder Connie Chi Tapped by Garrison Redd Project As Newest Board Member

Manhattan, NY- (Dec. 20, 2018) It is imperative in today’s inclusive environment that businesses and brands start to create opportunities for the disabled community.The Garrison Redd Project a non-profit organization disabling limitations by connecting the disabled community to opportunities to help them in the workforce. Founded by Garrison Redd, a paralympic powerlifter, TEDx speaker, motivational speaker, and model. Redd’s inspiring journey started when he was shot by a stray bullet walking home and was paralyzed from the waist down. It was this moment that not only changed his life but also threw him into an entirely new entrepreneurial journey that’s helping others in the handicap community. 

As the organization launches into the marketplace, GRP tapped Chi to join their board of directors in order to help propel the mission and message. Connie comes with an extensive and impressive marketing and branding background where she’s helped launched new businesses taking them from zero to profit in the marketplace. Her 15+ years of experience in the industry has awarded her the opportunity to work with brands such as Reebok, Nike, Ranch 99, Neilsen, Rollie Nation to name a few.

About Connie Chi:

Connie is a TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, author of Branding Without A Brand, podcast host of The Brand Academy Podcast, founder of The Chi Group, an award-winning marketing and branding agency humanizing lifestyle brands. Chi has been featured and quoted by Business Insider, American Marketing Association, Glassdoor, Yahoo Finance, Reader’s Digest, Authority Magazine, Elite Daily, US News and Money, Money Inc., April Magazine and many more media outlets. 

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