Conquering The Unforgettable Brand Syndrome

Today there’s so many brands out there competing against each other. It’s easy to get lost in the bombardment of ads served and constant social media posts. The biggest challenge brands will face today is staying relevant in the consumer’s world. There’s so many different tactics brands are using. It varies from strategic partnerships, influencer marketing, chatbots, AI, Virtual Reality, Facebook Live and others are even hitting the streets passing out freebies.

Fret not brands because we’ve got the secret sauce on how you can stay relevant and top of mind. Here’s a clue, it’s all about the experience.

Keep It Simple

Too many marketers are over complicating their messaging and mudding up the experience for consumers. When customers aren’t sure what your product does or there’s no clear call to action, your marketing efforts have failed. The number one mistake is creating a message that’s too complex. It ultimately leads to customers walking away.

Understand How Customers Experience Your Brand

It’s not enough that you understand your brand but you also need to reverse the roles. Step into the customer’s shoes and understand how they are experiencing your product or service. Be honest when you do this.

Get Your Team Involved

In order to complete the brand experience cycle you need to have a team that’s willing to sip the Kool-Aide. Each person on your team has to share in the vision and mission of the brand as well as eagerly providing the customers with a consistent experience.

Humanize Your Social Media

Yes, chatbots are amazing tools but when it comes to your brand’s social media, make sure you humanize each post. Avoid responding with corporate jargon, put some personality in there. Don’t be afraid to laugh with your customers, support them, or even congratulate them.  

The most powerful experiences are those that touch the heart, make you think, make you cry and inspires you to engage. In the end, it’s back to basics. The human connection, is the universal cup of life.