Secrets Of A Synergistic Relationship With Influencers

Photo Credit: George Buhonicky

Photo Credit: George Buhonicky

Influencer marketing is that thing which we’re all engrossed in lately. It’s trend most arguably started by Kim Kardashian & co. We’ve all seen celebrities post product shots from Nike, to teas, or blue gummy bear hair vitamins. Even the not so sexy products have garnered massive appeal due to celebrity endorsements. But today we are upon a new generation of influencers who aren’t quite celebrities but actually are in their own way.

So as a brand how do you create that synergistic relationship with influencers? I know you want to have complete control of your brand image. But a little trust will go a long way when working with influencers. Keep in mind they too have to maintain their brand image as well as yours. 

1.Creativity Is Their Life Force

Influencers are truly creative. It’s ok to let your iron fist go when it comes to artistic direction of what influencers create. Creativity is in their DNA and guess what they’re probably more creative than some of us.

2. Sponsor Giveaways/Contests

Giveaways and contests is something that people go wild for especially when it comes to working with influencers. This is one of the things that their followers eat up.  

3. Allow Authenticity

Keep in mind that influencers are as human as you and I. By allowing them to be authentic the message they deliver provide more of an organic feel while promoting your brand. They didn’t become influencers by not being themselves.

4.Many Influencers In The Sea

There are different kinds of influencers. So get clear on which one’s your brand wants to work with. We all know of the celebrity influencers like DJ Khaled. But there are also blog influencers along with social influencers.

5. Get Clear

You want to make sure you research each potential influencer and their personality. Some may not be a fit for your brand but getting to know your influencers is important to aligning the brand message with the right audience.