6 Reasons Why People Get Emotional With Brands

The connection between brands and their audience is invaluable. In fact it’s always one of those burning questions that brands ask themselves, “How can we connect with our audience.” In today’s world connection is the very fiber that turns relationships from like to love. If you have ever met someone that you didn’t know but yet had this feeling that you just loved talking to them, that’s exactly what brands are vying for.

So in a world where people are so bombarded with messages from millions of brands here are 6 reasons why audiences would emotionally connect with your brand

  1. They share values with the brand

  2. There’s just something that people admire about that brand

  3. A brand that just plain old makes people feel great

  4. The brand isn’t a hermit, it interacts with the audience on social media

  5. There’s something unique about a brand

  6. It has the capacity to connect with a diverse scope of audiences

These days it’s just not enough to have a product, hire a salesperson and people buy. Consumer’s need to be wooed, educated and made to feel like they are dealing with a brand that is humanistic and not transactional. That is the very reason why many brands fail at creating an insanely loyal following.

In this digital artistic keystroke dance known as social media it has become a theater of sorts where people get to see how a brand performs. The interactions you have online with your audience can easily make or break your brand personality. But the connections you make can also create a global connection.

A great example to take a look at is the Womens March movement, though there is no tangible product but if we look at it as a brand they have accomplished many of the 6 points. It speaks to a collective value that many share, people admire the courage, it provides a sense of community, they definitely interact with it’s audience and most importantly it connects with a diverse audience not just women. Hence why it became the largest movement in the United States to date.  

If brands want to truly connect with it’s audience they should try to touch upon all 6 points. Remember connections are invaluable and Warren Buffet couldn’t have said it better, “It takes a 20 years to build a reputation but 5 minutes to ruin it.”