It's 2017! Looking Ahead At Brand Trends

It’s here, 2017 so what’s in store this year? The fast rise of new gizmos, apps and software have catapulted every industry into a mad frenzy to catch up. There are brands which are embracing tech trends quite nicely while others are still trying to figure it out. Now that we are at the beginning of the new year, here are some trends that marketers will be paying close attention to.

The Bots Have Arrived

Consumers today are all about instant gratification especially since most purchases are made online. Brands such Fandango, Taco Bell, and Victoria Secret Pink have embraced innovative ways to incorporate Chatbots onto their sites. Robots are not only flooding onto our shopping websites but they’ve also invaded our homes. Kuri which is a home robot that launched at CES 2017, with a cute look and some mean abilities such as patrolling your house when you aren’t home or it could play with your kids.

It's All About Your Health

Health & Wellness is a category that will continue to grow this year, one that many believe will become the next trillion dollar industry. There are more people globally who have access to a smartphone. According to Accenture Consulting, “By 2017, it is estimated that 1.7 billion smartphones and tablets will have a health app installed.”

You will start to see more strategic partnerships with brands in the health and wellness space. A recent example is the partnerships between Delos™ Stay Well™ hotel suites, Marriott Hotel and wellness guru extraordinaire, Deepak Chopra. This new line of hotel suites offers an array of healthy experiences for the traveller who is away from home. The shower heads have Vitamin C infused water, lighting can be adjusted to your emotion or the mood you want to feel and the alarm clock gently chimes you awake are a few healthy perks that come with your hotel stay.  


Events continue to be a rising star because it is a place where your customers can come together and celebrate your brand. There are brands working on introducing a VR component to experience their events. One such brand is the AW14 catwalk show with Dior. You also will see other brands that are integrating partnerships in order to bring a more unique event experience to the market. Another great example is with the fame sneaker brand Adidas and the mega yoga event Wanderlust. When these two brands are combined they are able to create an event reflecting the passions of  fitness and adventurous spirit of millennial consumers.