Rebrand Without Failing Your Brand

Brands know all too well that there will be moments when they ponder the painful question if they need to rebrand their business. It’s a tough question to answer because there’s never a right time to revamp your brand. But before you do so there are some considerations you want to seriously look at. When your brand fails to meticulously plan out a strategy, rebranding can end up hurting your brand more than it helps. Let’s take a look at why rebranding fails.

Honor Thy Core Values

This is a big one! If your brand is looking for a refreshed image keep in mind what your core values are. By straying too far from your values you can risk losing your customers or even your staff in the translation.

Plan, Plan and More Plan

You want to make sure that your rebranding process is seamless. Your staff has to first understand the new brand image you are trying to create so they can better articulate this to customers. The next thing to pay attention to is your social media brand personality. For example if you are shifting from a playful image to a serious image you want that to also resonate through on your social media platforms.

Rebrand For The Right Reasons

Many times when a company hires a new team they may want to change up the brand image. This is something we warn against, just because you have a new team doesn’t mean you need to change the brand. Before you really move forward full steam ahead please take a good look as to why your business should rebrand at this particular cycle of your business.

Know Your Strategy

Never guess what your brand image should be. Whenever you are changing your brand image do extensive market research. You want to know from you customers the good the bad and everything in between. One way to get feedback to through a rewards system. If you can ask your customer a few questions then as compensation for their time you could reward them with something. Another great way is through A/B testing, creating different concepts and having your market respond to each.