Winning Over Women The Brand Way

Most of us have heard of the songstress’ Beyonce's song Women Rule The World, well it couldn’t be more true. Today women worldwide posses huge buying powers and are key influencers of what brands enter into their households or cupboards. According to a study done by EY, a global professional services firm it predicted that by 2018 the global income of women will reach an astounding $18 trillion. Fleishman-Hillard Inc. estimates that women will control two-thirds of the world’s wealth over the next decade. And just last year the term “Femvertising” was coined during the NFL resulting in a trending hashtag.

So how will this affect brands going forward into 2017? Well here’s our predictions:

Body Positive Messages

Our society is now starting to openly have a conversation about embracing our bodies as women. Fashion retailers have begun to listen and instead of sticking to the traditional slender European size, they’ve now created clothing that fits plus-sizes, curvy, full figured, apple shaped, pear shaped, and everything in between. Brands such as Barbie™ has even launched a conversation with our young girls by introducing a curvy Barbie™ along with dolls of different ethnicities.

Feminine Products- Not A Silent Thing

Many women won’t speak about it but we all know about it. Feminine products will no longer be a thing of the unspoken but in fact there will be more brands emerging with innovative products to accommodate this very real womanly occurrence. During the Rio games, Chinese swimmer, Fu Yuan Hui had broken all stereotypes when she openly told reporters that she didn’t perform well due to getting her period the day before. There’s even a period panty on the market made by THINX which is a pretty cool concept!

Pink Is Not Always The Way To Go

Please brands, enough with the pinks! I know it’s a very easy go-to color for women. But if you ask many of my fellow New Yorker women, believe it or not, their fav go-to color is black. When brands just throw in too many different shades of pinks it just seems like there wasn’t much thought put into it.

Service Will Continue to Be Key

This will be a tremendous differentiator between you and your competitor. Women have high standards when it comes to the kinds of service they receive. After all they are paying customers. If your brand can provide continuous excellence in service both online and offline you will have a loyal customer. Now if you go above and beyond all her service expectations, well then you not only have a customer for life but you will also have her family’s business.