How A 5th Grader Does Brand Strategy

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Kids are great to speak with, because there’s something so brutally honest and sincere about how they look at the world. My recent conversation with a fifth grader not only shocked me as to how thorough she was but more so I was impressed with her brand strategy.

Here’s how our conversation went:

5th Grader Little Human: I already know what I want to do with my life!

Me: Oh ya? What’s that?

5th GLH: Well, I’m going to be a Botanist!

Me: (My inside voice) Is this kid for real? I bet she doesn’t know what a Botanist really does. (My outside voice) Wow! That’s pretty cool!

Before I could finish the rest of my question she belted out in high energy:

5th GLH: I already picked out my colleges! You want to know what they are? NYU, Columbia, Juilliard, Cornell, and maybe Harvard.

Me: So why those schools?

5th GLH: Ok, well NYU, Columbia, and Juilliard all have dorms in NYC which I want to live there. But I heard that the dorm rooms are small. Cornell actually has a really great Botanist program. I might consider doing a double major depending on the school.

Now whether this was all true, I had to take her word. The kid was precise, thorough, and might I add did extensive research. It got me thinking about businesses. All too often entrepreneurs when starting out get stuck on the small stuff. What color should my website be? Is this font too old fashion? Or should I put my picture on my website. All that is great but unfortunately it’s not the best place where you should focus on.

If you take into consideration for one second this 5th grader’s strategy it’s actually not too far off on how businesses should start when it comes to creating a brand. First she fully explored her core values, passion and what she stood for. Then came the part where she did extensive research to find out which strategic partners (schools) she should align herself with. Lastly, everything she was doing now was preparing her to get into those schools. Such as maintaining her grades, extracurricular activities, sports and much more.

If you want your business to become an irresistible brand here’s what you should remember

  1. Be passionate about your business

  2. Research your market

  3. Know your core values

  4. Be a business that is newsworthy

  5. Strategically align yourself with the right partners