What's Hot In Wearable Tech

We’ve heard it over and over again that wearable tech is the next hot industry. In this category, there’s going to be some of the most interesting innovators and brands born. But with all the new products out there it feels like product whiplash as consumers are exposed to more and more new tech brands. So we’ve narrowed it down to the hottest and most interesting wearable tech in the market. These rising stars are a must watch as they disrupt the marketplace and create new pockets of consumer needs. 

1. ORII Ring

This cool “James Bond” spy-like ring is dubbed “the world’s first voice-powered smart ring,” It utilizes bone conduction technology transforming your hand into a smartphone essentially. According to ORII CEO, Kevin Johan Wong, ORII is “designed to become an integral part of your life,ORII paves the way for a more screen-free lifestyle while giving you an instant on-the-go connection to your smart devices…our inspiration came from my dad who has been visually impaired from a young age. Wong set out to develop voice and text-based technology to help others like him and is a pioneer in his field with eight patents to his name. The device integrates the same technology used in hearing aids. ORII uses bone conduction to send sound discreetly to your ear which creates a device that allows freedom from screen-based interaction.

2. Alterego

MIT media lab developed an AI headset called Alterergo this brainchild was created by Arnav Kapur. The headset picks up on neuromuscular signals triggered when you subvocalize or better known as talking in your head in layman’s terms. The system is a wearable device and computing system that transcribes words that the user internally verbalizes and doesn’t need to speak aloud. 

3. Lumi by Pampers 

We can now outsource and track our kids' pee. Yes you read it right, Pampers created a new category “smart diapers,” the waitlisted product comes with an activity sensor for the diaper, an app, and a smart video monitor for real-time monitoring. Not only can Lumi track your baby’s pee but it can also track their sleep patterns. 

4. Reon Air Conditioner by Sony 

The answer to sweaty weather is here. Sony is currently crowdfunding Reon a wearable thermoelectric cooling system and in the winter it serves as a heater. It can supposedly cool a user’s body temperature by 13 degrees celsius or raise your temperature by about 8 degrees Celsius. This Bluetooth device is actually the size of a card wallet and fits into a special shirt which allows users to control the temperature through their smartphones.