7 Ways To Build Do Good Brands

In today’s competitive marketplace it’s not enough to just have a product and hope it sells. Marketing your brand has become a multi-channel marketing strategy that includes offline and online components. Customers are looking for brands that will change their lives, therefore, brands are building themselves around causes that the world is passionate about. Whether is sustainability to cruelty-free or inclusivity there’s something for everyone. 

Brands have to figure out ways that they can build some sort of social good to harness the power of their tribe. When customers gather around a cause that your brand is backing it helps to build a community and starts a conversation with a common goal. 

If you’re looking to build a socially impactful brand here are 7 ways you want to look into.

1. Think People 

When we treat our customers as simply consumers there’s a lack of depth and conversation that we have alongside them. But when we treat them simply as people who have a variety of passions, desires, goals, and concerns you’ll be able to build a deeper relationship with them. It starts to feel meaningful to customers as opposed to simply transactional. 

2. It’s Time To Be Cool 

Long gone are the days of simply having a product and an ad. Customers are looking for “cool” brands. Cool in the way of story, design, and it must be something that they want to help shift consumer behavior. Warby Parker has this concept nailed down. The brand not only touts that when customers buy a pair of glasses they donate a pair to someone in need but it has chic, modern designs along with great pricing. 

3. Know Your Mission 

Brands that have a purpose have a direction and common goal to work towards. Disney, their sole purpose is “We create happiness by providing the finest entertainment for people of all ages everywhere.” Nike’s is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” These goals are much greater than profits and ones that customers can be easily inspired by.

4. Find Your Tribe 

It’s important to find allies with a common goal and a great place to start looking is at non-profits. In today’s marketplace, there are new non-profits constantly popping up with different missions. This is a great way for brands to address global challenges collectively. 

5. Word of Mouth Is Still Golden 

Even in today’s digitally connected world people still buy from other people. Think of yourselves, how many times have you made purchases based on recommendations from friends and family? Marketers should focus on creating brand experiences that are so amazing that people simply just want to tell others about it. 

6. Solve Problems 

Add value to your customers, they don’t want to be sold to anymore. What problems are you solving for the world and customers? Are you looking to help end world hunger, more clean water initiatives, equal pay or clean air? Whatever you choose to work on it has to align with your brand values, purpose and goals.  

7. Show Don’t Tell 

Make sure you’re backing up your brand promise with actual tangible evidence of the good that your brand is doing. Otherwise, consumers will know it’s simply empty promises that your brand is making.