Sincerely Silver Customizing Experiences

The new way to connect with customers today is through customization and it’s becoming more and more prevalent across industries. No matter if you’re a global brand, start-up or indie brand customization is something that’s worth taking a look at. It’s the way to attract new customers and keep your current ones coming back to you over and over again. 

In fact, this is a great example of a woman's lifestyle jewelry brand, Sincerely Silver which has mastered customization that has women clamoring over their pieces. They create a collection of simple and classy jewelry for everyday wear as can be seen in the handwriting disc pendant. The personalized jewelry company offers customers the opportunity to have their own personal messages engraved onto jewelry pieces to add a more meaningful touch

As a brand primarily focusing on personalization, Sincerely Silver is highly invested in the modern movement of feminism as it encourages the stories of women everywhere. They want to be a source of inspiration for all, and to encourage women to tell their stories in various ways, whether through personalized jewelry or social media stories.

This small, family-owned business is setting out to create personalized pieces that hold as much meaning as possible for the wearer while being versatile. So their pieces could be for long-distance relationships, memorial pieces, or just a special piece to have forever. According to the brand spokesperson, Kayla Stefaner “We make everything custom made to order by hand and go through a multi-step process to make sure each piece will be perfect for the recipient. We are also constantly looking to inspire and empower women through our pieces & their stories.” 

By staying true to its brand value, Sincerely Silver continues to create innovative designs, unveiling its newest collection, the fingerprint jewelry line. So if you're wondering what can we expect to see in the future of jewelry customization when it comes to this little powerful brand? Customers can expect this brand to continue to push forward in the realm of customization while staying true to their ethos of women supporting women in ways that truly touch the human spirit. 

This is a brand that utilizes inspiration and customization to really capture the hearts of customers. When brands master these strategies they become powerful brands in the marketplace that have staying power. Customers today want to know that they have options while standing alongside a brand whose values align with their own. So how will your brand customize in the future?