Happiness Branding WTH?

It’s by popular misconception that branding is simply about a snazzy website, cool looking logo and some fancy fonts. We’re here to tell you that branding is far from just those touch points. In fact, your website, logo, and fonts are just triggers which help customers remember your brand. 

What allows brands to become brands is the kind of experience you deliver to your customers both online and offline. It starts from inception of where you first meet your customer all the way to post sale customer support. That’s the reality of it and the reason why brands need to create an all encompassing approach when it comes to branding. 

The best way to have your customers coming back to you over and over again is by creating positive experiences because when we have the ability to change our customers lives they engage long term. That’s the reason why brands need to carefully think about how they create “happy experiences”. Let’s face it who wants to have an unhappy experience especially if they’re going to spend their hard earned cash with your business. 

Scientific studies around happiness have shown that the body releases dopamine, for pleasure seeking, Oxytocin for bonding which by the way also correlates to romantic attachment and Endorphin, the body’s natural pain killer. Now with all these natural chemicals flowing at once throughout the body it’s no wonder why so many of us seem to be on this unending quest for happiness. This idea spills over to brand experiences that we curate for our customers, it’s important to always create happiness if we’re looking to make repeat sales. 

Here are four things to consider when it comes to happiness branding: 

1. Pleasure: How can brands deliver immediate reward that allows customers to savor the experience over time? 

2. Flow: Help customers achieve new skills or goals. Make sure the goals feel challenging for most people but also still attainable. 

3. Deep Satisfaction: Create ways that our products or services make a positive and lasting impact on our customers lives. 

4. Meaning: Help your customers make their lives meaningful through your products. 

Happiness branding isn’t just some fun hippie term, it’s something that brands need to live by. If you take a look at the brands that have gained massive success across industries from beauty to even life coaches you’ll see that the one thing they all have in common is that they bring on the happiness and it’s authentic happiness. So how will your brand design it’s next happiness experience?