What We Know About Gen Z's

The ever growing marketplace is preparing to usher in the newest generation with massive buying power- Gen Z. This is a generation that grew up on social media, 13-22 year olds are already taking note of generations of the past by monetizing their content therefore driving the influencer marketing industry even further. 

JWT calls this generation, “Super Creatives: the supercharged multidisciplinary future of creative talent. And your new consumers.” This generation is extremely comfortable in the digital arena and know how to navigate around it. 

Brands need to learn how to co-navigate with this generation utilizing creative marketing to not only engage them but to also invite them to share their creativity as part of your brand experience. Keep in mind that Gen Z’s are raised by millennials so they are used to being heard, notably their voice matters as this is one of the values instilled in them since birth. 
According to a survey by JWT Intelligence  

  • Over half (51%) of Z’s feel they are more creative than the previous generations 

  • More than half (55%)  Z’s say they find social apps and the internet are more creative spaces than what they experience offline 

  • 56% use social apps to creatively express themselves

  • Among Gen Zers, 27% have hacked or adapted an app or website’s features to do something that isn't typically available, such as using separate apps to add sound, video, imagery, or music

Reaching Z’s have become a whole new set of marketing rules as 33% of them want brands to reach them through email. What’s interesting is that Gen Z’s are interested in cool products versus cool experiences compared to Millennials who are interested in cool experiences.

The ultimate place for Z’s to gather information seems to be YouTube.  As many experts have expressed that video is will be the wave of how content is delivered. Across social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook video still continues to be an all time favorite.