Fantasy Experience Meets Real World Brands

There’s something about a fantasy experience that has us all mesmerized. But what happens when the fantasy experience meets real-world brands? It’s a concept that not far-reaching as brands bring to life some of our most beloved digital fantasies. According to a Nielsen report, “US adults now spend 11 hours a day interacting with media, and for those aged 18-34 over half (57%) this time isn’t spent with passive media (TV and radio) but with interactive digital media.”

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the fantasy world which is now part of our lives.

Emoticon Pillows
Many of us are have seen these hanging at retail stores, different emoticon pillows from a smiley face to winky eyes in the form of bright yellow plush squeeze pillows. These pillows have also transformed from home decor to dog toys.

This is a category that colleges to mainstream stadiums are embracing. Players get to interact with each other digitally through video games. Its also become a spectator sport that has brought together people from all over the world.

This lifelike robot has the ability to now become a real-life companion and perform daily tasks. Hotels have started to experiment with i-robots for room service in order to create a cost-effective and efficient guest experience.

Lisboeta hotel in Macau recently announced that they will be recreating a theme around Line friends. Line is the Japanese messaging app that has grown wildly popular with the Asian community. The Casa de Amigo’s room will feature designs around various Line Friends as part of enhancing the guest experience. The brand is looking to reach more Millennial families. Line Friends derived from the cute stickers that are sent between users.  

In order to create brand experiences that really speak to your customer brands need to be aware of what cultural trends are happening right now. Experiences that also incorporate these trends attract customers who want to be part of your brand journey while creating a community. So major cultural trends will your brand be embracing?