E-commerce Experience Done Right

Brands today are relying more and more on e-commerce as a means to create a direct to consumer approach. When your e-commerce experience is done right it can create customer bliss and even much-coveted customer loyalty. Customers today are looking for ease of purchase along with experiences that change their lives.

Now with all those different approaches to really solidifying your e-commerce experience what the things that brands should be paying attention to and even religiously employing?

Here are the top 6:

1. In-stock status

Letting customers know when an item(s) is back in stock

“Don’t Only 15 left in stock. Have that right under the price”

“Do the Last run! Be one of the last 9 people to own this credenza design, OMG!”

“Click, click, click!”

“1 in-stock in store next to your office”

2. Life of current price

When you announce how long customers can get an item for a discounted price

“This price is guaranteed for the next 12 hours”

“This price reflects the highest discount in the past 8 weeks”

“Seasonal Promotion! Expires Saturday”

“Price reduced by 10% since your last visit”

“Limited-time offer applied to the price you see”

3. Direct competitor comparisons

Utilizing your competitor’s pricing to reflect why your’s is better. This also creates for consumers the “fear of missing out.”

“Only at Best Buy, this item comes with a free warranty”

“38% cheaper than Neiman Marcus”

4. Delivery times based on mobile phone location

Show customers how many days it would take to deliver item(s) to their location.

5. Social cues to the rescue

“Our most tweeted shorts”

“Over 2000 pins for this dress on Pinterest”

“125 people in California have booked this hotel in the last 30 days”

“People have shared this blouse 23 times in the last hour on Instagram”

6. Personalization

Personalization gives your brand the ultimate edge as customers look for customization.