Marketing to Gen Z’s

Brands are scrambling to learn as much as they can about the newest generation with buying power that’s entering the market- Gen Z’s. This is a generation that’s known as the “voice of an individualized generation; one that is made up of the many distinct voices that represent its cultural groups, subgroups, and individuals.”

By 2020 they will make up 40% of consumers, a quarter of the American population will be comprised of Gen Z’s and they will influence up to $600 billion of family spending. These stats say it all so marketers are scratching their heads trying to figure out how they can appeal to this group of new buyers when they just started to understand Millennials. When brands start to design experiences and market their themselves here are a few things to really consider when it comes to Gen Z’s.

Value of Diversity
This has been a buzzword that’s been overused but in actuality, this is a reality for Gen Z’s. They grew up in a time where the message of inclusivity has been stressed over and over again. So to them, this is a must when it comes to how brands will reach them.

Engagement and Value
Brands will really need to figure out innovative ways to create engagement through content that is valuable. Customers are being bombarded with billions of message on a daily basis so how will your brand’s experience be valuable enough to change the lives of your customer while keeping them fully engaged. Attention acquisition will be key for brands. It’s not just about the data and metrics with this generation authentic and transparent value will be important to them. The question you want to ask yourself is, “does my content not just bring value to my customers but does it elevate them?”

Gen Z’s in Developing Nations
Most of the Gen Z population globally will be in emerging markets such as India and Nigeria. Which means that the vitality of your brand may be reliant on a mobile-only strategy. So developing a concise mobile brand experience will also be key for many brands who are looking to reach a global audience.  

Inspire Them
Brands that have the ability to inspire and aspire will have longevity in the marketplace. Everyone is looking to level up in life, be better and this generation knows too well the value of what it means to be better. Help them learn and experiment with the world around them using your brand. Creating possibilities for your customers can be a way brands can distinguish themselves from the competitor.