Experiencing Brands: The New Norm

It’s imperative in today’s world that customers are experiencing brands, this is the new norm. Brand experiences are the connective tissue between customer and brand. Customers are no longer just looking for a great product and great pricing, they want to know how your brand’s experience can change their lives.

Creative brand experiences translate into retail as well. Recently Guess partnered with Alibaba to launch its first experiential retail store in Hong Kong. Retailers are relying heavily on the use of technology as many stores have started to decrease the display of products while increasing the use of tablets and high definition screens. Guess isn’t the only retail giant shifting the way customers shop.

In NYC there’s a host of retail trailblazers crafting unique in-store experiences.


Ultra lux natural bedding brand offers products made from natural materials but some also Vegan, provide customers with nap time appointments. Customers can book a nap session to try out some of the brand’s most exquisite mattress options.


The showroom co-branded with Macy’s offering a slew of tech devices from health to home. The products are on display allowing customers to touch and feel as they please.


The fifth avenue store offers juice press to bleachers for customers to watch the games. They also offer customers the opportunity to get customized clothing and an indoor track on the retail floor, where you can get your stride analyzed.


Disruptive beauty brand and giant created a theater like showroom allowing customers to sample products using interactive mirrors.

Amazon Books

Offers a collection of print books and as well as product demonstrations from Echos, the Fire TV, e-readers and tech toys.


Creates true tranquility in their store offering customers “zen pods” along with a selection of guided meditation.

In the end, brands who fail to humanize themselves will fail at connecting with customers and risk losing market shares rapidly.