Airplane Food Goes Farm Fresh

If you recently got on a commercial flight it’s probably safe to assume you experienced the not so delectable array of food choice. Here’s the good news because of this ongoing challenge, airline food goes farm fresh pivoting from the normal offerings of crackers and cheese.

So why the sudden change in airplane food? Airliners are starting to recognize that customers are looking for healthy food choices as they travel from destination to destination. In 2017, the U.S. market for health and wellness reached around 167 billion U.S. dollars, with an increase of around four billion U.S. dollars expected in 2018, according to Statista. This surge has left many brands scrambling to incorporate healthy options into their offerings, airlines included.

Here’s what different airlines are offering in order to better attract customers to book their flights.

1. Emirates Airlines

The Dubai-based airline is committed to investing 40 million USD in a 900-acre indoor vertical farm establishment, which produces high quality and chemical-free produce for its airlines and airport lounges. Vertical farms use no sunlight, soil or chemicals, and doesn’t require as much water as a regular farm. Fliers are slated to nosh on Emirates’ farm-fresh meals by December 2019.

2. Delta Airlines

Takes the healthy food spin in a different way by offering local organic produce and meats from local Georgia farmer, Wes, and Charlotte Swancy's Riverview Farms. In addition, they hired celebrity chef Linton Hopkins who’s known for his down-to-earth, farm-fresh Southern fare.

3. JetBlue

Offers it’s Mint class customers the opportunity to taste food from renowned New York restaurant Saxon + Parole and drinks service curated by wine expert Jon Bonné.

4. United Airlines

Has taken the food experience to new heights by offering a more luxury spin with menu choices to the likes of an upscale restaurant such as duck confit ravioli.