Building Brands For Women

Women have long been the "must get" demographic who makes most of the buying decisions while marketers are constantly trying to figure out how to build brands for women. Often times brands implore strategy that isn’t viable or doesn’t resonate with women.

Lately, we’re seeing cult-like indie brands on the rise and the reason s that they are relating to women on a level that connects wholeheartedly with them while truly understanding the pain points. According to Kathleen Griffith of Forbes Magazine, "80% of women saying they don’t trust brands anymore, and this tension has grown over time, with 42% saying they trust brands less than they did 20 years ago. No longer are women loyal without reason — they’re less forgiving of brands in general. Women are abandoning brands at a greater rate than ever, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.”

1. Connect With Women Emotionally

Not only is it women but most consumers are moved by a brand that connects with them emotionally. This is why brand experiences have become the driving force in marketing and there’s an uptick in advertising spend when it comes to building experiences.

2. Show Instead of Tell

Stats don’t move us. We need to know how it can benefit us in a way that’s entertaining, fun, and engaging. It’s important to be upfront, show how your brand can make a woman’s life better, especially for mothers. Moms have very limited time juggling career and family so they want to know how you can make her life easier.

3. Keep It Simple

Women don’t want to sieve through a mountain of choices. We’re looking for just the right choice. Many times when women are presented with too many choices they either tend to abandon the brand or save it for later research and never come back.

4. Don’t Be So Obvious If You’re Targeting Us

Be subtle, women know when they ’re being targeted and it doesn’t feel great. Instead, brands should create organic ways of capturing the attention of women.

5. Pink Isn’t Always The Answer

Many marketers get it confused and think that women are attracted to the color pink. The color actually doesn’t always entice women, what does move us is the design and quality of products.