To Emoji or Not

Brand superstars out there it’s time to ask- “To emoji or not?” Using emojis has been something that a lot of brands swiftly utilizing. It conveys a message that’s fun and quick. So we’re going to talk about when you should and shouldn’t use emojis.

First off let’s take a look at some popular emojis and what it says about the brands who are using it. Based on a study by Swiftkey Emoji report These are the popular emojis and the breakdown of how often they are used. The survey found that  Brands who use smiley faces are usually more agreeable. The same applies to those who use facial expression emojis. 

In another finding, they found that those who used emojis are socially receptive and empathetic. As you can see out of all the emojis the smiley face emoji is one that is used the most 44.8% out of all the other emojis.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.03.31 AM.png

Brands or people who use sad face emojis tend to worry about how they come across to others Just a note when you consider a person’s age it also plays a role in their use of emojis. The study also found that 80% of us use it in texts, 76% of us use it on FB while 15% use it in emails. The good news out there is that if your brand uses emojis it means that you are a great communicator

We wanted to dig a little deeper into this so we did our own little curiosity project. Here we looked at the heart emoji. This is the one emoji that is universal but it has so many different meanings behind it. I was curious to see if there was a science behind these colors. Here’s what we discovered:

Red Heart- passionate love, it’s the classic way we express love

Black Heart- Morbidity, dark humor, death, evil, emotionally cold

Yellow Heart- Friendship, happiness, trustful love

Green Heart- Envy, jealousness, or possessive love

Blue Heart- Deep and stable love, trust, loyalty, harmony, peace

Purple Heart- Compassionate love, duty, honor, royalty, good judgment

This is just a reminder when you are sending out emails you probably don’t want to include emojis since emails are still a professional way of communicating. If you are posting on social media such as FB, IG, or Twitter feel free to use your emojis happily.