4 Powerful Ways Brands Are Getting Emo

Why are we so obsessed with emotions? It doesn’t matter if you’re an average person or a big-time brand we’re all constantly trying to understand emotions and learn how to tap into it. Why? You see the most powerful thing about emotions when you learn to tap into them you can motivate others to take massive action.

If you’re thinking well who cares, that’s grimy. Well, guess what? Whether you like it or not your emotions are being analyzed, processed and learned at every moment. Behind all the algorithms there’s a whole system learning about your likes, dislikes and figuring out how to manipulate your emotions.

According to the NY Times, “Facebook Tinkers with Users” Emotions” using your newsfeed. Marketers are always looking for the edge in order to increase brand awareness and ultimately sales. On the front end marketers are using words to tap into your feelings and here’s what they’re saying to evoke emotions:

TRENDSETTING- “Be like your favorite celeb”

TRUST- “There are no hidden costs”

FEAR/ FOMO- “Don’t get left behind”

VALUE- “There’s nothing else better than this”

BELONGING- “Join now and see what everyone is talking about”

TIME- “Do your taxes in half the time”

LEADERSHIP- “Be the first to take advantage of this special offer”

GUILT- “Your contribution can provide clean water for these children”

INSTANT GRATIFICATION- “Call today, speak to a representative today”

So if you’re looking to get emotional with your customers remember to:

1. Inspire

Understand what motivates your target customer. Keep in mind that we as people have 6 fundamental needs: certainty, significance, variety, love and connection, growth, contribution — which determines how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about others, and how we experience brands. When people are inspired there’s a sense of pride. Brands that have done well with the inspiration messaging has been Nike and Gatorade.

2. Aspire

This is a way to tap into your customers' lofty goals, their wildest dreams, and biggest wishes. Some people might want financial freedom, a nice car, or a big house whatever your customer’s dream marketers must understand that this is about hope or desire that your brand can fulfill.

3. Express Love

Humans are built to connect and the most powerful emotion in the world is love. By expressing love you are connecting with everyone universally. It’s the same idea as laughter and sadness is a universal language. The best way to humanize a brand is to show how your brand can better the lives of others, bring joy, and makes someone’s life easier or better.

4. Celebrating Your Milestones

If your brand is celebrating 30 years in business this is a great way to connect with customers. Even creating a brand story around this milestone alongside celebrating milestones with your customers can really bring the story to life.