3 Ways Brands Redefine The Customer Experience

Brands, our customer's needs, and wants are constantly evolving at a faster pace that we can keep up. It’s key to be able to identify what your customer's specific needs are in order to better connect with them. Whether you’re actively listening on social media or offline, brands need to be limber in order to adjust accordingly.

The way customers experience your brand is key to building a sustainable brand for the long game. There are too many brands out there that are overnight sensations and gone the next. So if you’re looking to play the long game here’s what your brand can do.

1. AR That Brand

Augmented reality may be in its infancy but more brands are experimenting with it to create an experience that will stand out with endless possibilities. When it comes to shopping, some fashion brands have taken on the position of creating an entire experience which allows customers to shop online as if they were in a store. Sephora’s Visual Artist tools on its app allow you to try on lipstick and even eyelashes before you purchase the products. Buying furniture? Wayfair has created a 3D simulation on how furniture would look in a room allowing customers to better visualize the products in a space.

2. Save Time and Personalization

Consumers now are expecting these features from brands. Part of creating an experience you always want to ask yourself, is your brand saving the customer time? Or is it grabbing their attention at each step of the customer’s experience? When it comes to personalization, customers only want what relevant to them. In order to connect with customers, you need to market your brand in a way that is relevant to your customers. Successful personalization happens when there is a deep understanding of who your customer is, their preferences, likes, and dislikes. It’s no longer just about simple demographic information but it's about the customers’ mindset.

3. CEO’s Are More Involved in The Customer Experience

CEOs and founders set the tone of any business and when they are involved with the customer experience it shows customers that brands care. Every successful brand from Amazon to Starbucks all have CEOs who are very active in the customer experience process and also actively listening to customers’ needs.