Consistent Branding

When it comes to showcasing your brand you want to employ consistent branding. Brands that deliver their message, personality, and story over and over again, in the same way, tend to stick in the memory of customers. How many times have you seen that Nike Swoosh? Or how about that Apple? We all know what they are without anyone having to spell it out.

Global brands take care to deliver consistency across all platforms. Whether it's a simple social media post or a video on their website. Consistent branding is a key challenge for brands especially those with a large team.

These are the 5 keys to being consistent with your brand:

1. Create A Brand Guide

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This guide can be a simple document that ensures your team is on the same page when it comes to branding. Things you want to cover in the document include brand colors, media formats, signage and logo usage.

2. Keep Your Colors Consistent

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No matter where your brand appears, make sure it's consistent. If for example, your logo is in color it might be a good idea to create a logo in black and white as well. Using a color management software would be good to consider.

3. Review Your Media

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It’s important to do an annual audit of your media it helps to eliminate inconsistencies. Things to be on the lookout for in this audit is your website, social media page, business cards, agreements and any other media that’s out here. Also, make sure that your brand’s personality is resonated throughout your social platforms.

4. Use The Same Font

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This helps to pull your brand together by using the same fonts it gives your brand a unified voice. The tone of your brand will also reflect the type of font you choose.

5. Company Culture

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Here is where you want to make sure that your brand is clearly reflected in the kind of company culture you create, from onboarding to training. When customers see that your brand’s values, personality, and beliefs transcend not just to them but to your team, they are more likely to buy.