Marriott Hotel Experiences Life With You

Today’s traveler wants the creature comforts of home so the solution, Marriott Hotels experiences life with you. What that means is that they have created guest rooms that provide you with a variety of ways to keep up with life even on the go.

We’ve all come across guest rooms where it was dingy lacking something that we needed whether it’s that flimsy notepad to write down our midnight ideas or that green juice that you always have for breakfast. In sweeps Marriott, they have solutions and want to solve some of their guests’ travel woes.


Marriott has transformed the shower door to a digital notepad. Many of us have brilliant ideas that come to us during the show but never a place to write them down. Here’s how it works: once the doors get steamy enough, guests can draw or write on it. Your masterpiece will then be emailed right to your inbox and your moment of inspiration won’t be lost. This shower door is currently being tested and is designed with business travelers in mind.

This idea came after Marriot survey their guests and discovered that many of their business guests said that most of their inspiration comes while showering. You can check out this shower door in action through their “Splash of Brilliance” campaign.


The hotel chain has also adopted a healthy hotel to help travelers maintain a health focus lifestyle even on the go. Guests rooms include items such as:

  • Air purification to reduce pollen allergens, mold spores and other particulates and microbes in the air

  • Aromatherapy all-natural essential oils to create a calm, mood-enhancing environment

  • Circadian mood lighting for guests to personalize the in-room light environment to enhance sleep, energy, and productivity

  • Cleaning protocol that uses non-toxic cleaning products and UV lighting to reduce bacteria, viruses and other microbes

  • Specialized lighting including a dawn simulator to gently wake you, energizing light to suppress melatonin and reduce jet lag and longwave night lighting to minimize sleep disruption

  • Stay Well Shower Infuser that reduces chlorine to keep hair and skin soft and smooth

  • Stay Well™ mattress and encasements with natural memory foam for optimal support and comfort to help maintain a more enjoyable sleep environment

  • Stay Well mobile app with information about in-room features, a Jet Lag tool and complimentary Cleveland Clinic Wellness programs

The hotel chain has been disrupting the industry with consistent out of the box approach to rooms attracting more and more travelers. So what exactly is the lesson here? As a brand you want to listen to your customers, find out what they are missing and come up with a unique solution to stand out in a crowd. The key is to create experiences.