What's Your Brand Personality?

Brands are like people so if you want to captivate an audience you need to know what’s your brand personality. Learning about your personality helps you craft a marketing strategy and also create the way you showcase your brand, not just on social media but also across your organization as well. Before you craft a strategy on connecting with an audience first get to know who you are. 

1. The Outlaw

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They are rebellious, wild, and all about breaking the rules. They are also known as the trendsetters allowing people to break from the norms.

  • Setback: They could take it too far and be seen in a negative light
  • Example: Smirnoff, Virgin, Harley Davidson

2. The Hero

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Wants to make the world a better place. They are strong, confident, brave, inspirational and honorable.

  • Setback: Can come off as arrogant or unapproachable
  • Example: Nike, BMW, Duracell

3. The Creator

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These are imaginative brands that want to create something that has meaning and value. They are also very entrepreneurial.

  • Setback: Can be perfectionists or even impractical
  • Example: Youtube, Lego, Crayola

4. The Explorer

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Is a brand that finds fulfillment in new experiences. They are adventurous, ambitious, independent pioneers.

  • Setback: Won’t fit in with the mainstream
  • Example: North Face, Jeep, Red Bull

5. The Regular Guy/Gal

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They want to just connect with other and feel like they belong. These are brands that are totally down to earth, supportive, who kind of reminds you of the neighbor next door.

  • Setback: They lack a distinct identity and can risk blending in too much
  • Example: Home Depot, Levi, eBay

6. The Innocent

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These are happy brands that aim to be young, pure, optimistic, and romantic.

  • Setback: They can seem boring and naive
  • Example: Dove, Coca-Cola, Cottonelle

7. The Lover

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They are brands that crave to create intimacy, inspire love, passionate romantic, sensual, committed and warm. These are also the brands that help people connect and feel appreciated.

  • Setback: They may be overtly selfless and not grounded
  • Example: Victoria Secret, Godiva Chocolate, Nars

8. The Magician

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They are the ones who make dreams come true. Charismatic, imaginative, inspire change and spirituality are what drives this type of brand personality.

  • Setback: These brands take risks that sometimes lead to bad outcomes
  • Example: Disney, Apple, Lululemon

9. The Caregiver

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Is nurturing and all about taking care of others. This maternal like brand is generous, compassionate, and above all super selfless.

  • Setback: Can be taken for granted or even exploited
  • Example: Johnson & Johnson, Campbell Soup, Toms

10. The Ruler

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Likes to create order from chaos. They are leaders who are responsible, organized and are great role models.

  • Setback: Lack a common connection with many or be too controlling
  • Example: Microsoft, Barclays, Mercedes-Benz

11. The Jester

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These are brands that just want to bring joy into the world. They are fun, mischievous, and have a great sense of humor allowing people to be more impulsive and spontaneous.

  • Setback: Can be easily disrespected and people won’t take them seriously
  • Example: Ben & Jerry’s, IKEA, Geico

12. The Sage

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This kind of brand thrives on helping the world gain wisdom, insight and is a trusted source of information. They can be seen as the gurus or mentors.

  • Setback: Can risk being overly contemplative or very opinionated
  • Example: BBC, Wall Street Journal, Google

So what kind of brand are you?