5 Reasons Why Brand Collaborations Work

Brand collaborations, who really cares and is anyone even still doing it? Matter of fact, it's a new rising star next to influencer marketing. Brand collaborations are done in a subtle way that you as a customer might not recognize. You’d probably think it’s cool or interesting that these two brands are working together and it makes sense. What you don’t realize is that it’s simply a strategy to not just gain your attention but also evoke curiosity. Which translates into more time you’ll spend with a brand.

This can be a powerful strategy for startups because when you’re starting a business you might not know how to get your brand out there. Yes, our go-to autoresponder will always say, social media, Facebook, or even create videos. Those are tools that can help but if you’re looking for a quicker response, look for collaboration opportunities. Here’s why it works:

1. More Attention  

More eyeballs more chances of a sale. When you partner up with another brand you reach people that you wouldn’t have reached before.

2. Create Something 

Partner with a brand that’s in the same industry or vertical as your’s and you get to co-create something new that’s not out there on the market.

3. Increase Marketing Dollars

It’s always great to have extra dollars allocated to your marketing efforts. By partnering together you increase the marketing budget and alleviate the stress of squeezing blood out of a turnip.

4. Marketing Time Decreased

This is always a plus, double the budget and save time on marketing efforts for both sides. It leaves you time to do the things that really drive you when you’re starting a business and that’s the freedom to create.

5. More Creativity

When you’re both start-up brands working together towards a common goal you will get creative. The fun part is always here, figuring out how to do something new and different.

Brand collaborations aren’t without their challenges. The word collaboration has been thrown out so much that the obscurity becomes trying to figure out if this is a paid or non-paid opportunity. Before you enter into any collaboration or partnership be VERY clear with the other person about this opportunity and what your goals are. If you’re both are not on the same page then you’re wasting precious time.