Olympics Bring On The Drones

The Olympic games have begun and like so many of us, we’re glued to the screen checking updates as to which countries took home gold and following updates on the youngest snowboarder of team USA, Chloe Kim.

These games are an opportunity for athletes and brands to showcase themselves and reach a global audience. This year it was announced that longtime sponsor Mcdonalds bowed out of continuing to sponsor the Olympics and making room for Intel’s new announcement that they will be bringing Drones to the games. The new game-changing partnership announced by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will start with the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea and run through 2024.

Tech continues to grow at the Olympics, as photographers are already using underwater cameras and 3D cameras to capture unique footage. The best part about Intel’s partnership with the Olympics is that it allows home users to choose which angle they want to view the games from through virtual reality or 360 videos.

Intel’s partnership with the Olympics isn’t its first sports partnership. The company also announced a three-year partnership with Major League Baseball using its True VR to broadcast live games, show highlights, and on-demand replays. In 2017, Intel also partnered with the National Football Associaton with “Be the Player” campaign showing the point-of-view shot from any player using 360 videos.

The world of sports and events will forever be changed by Intel’s entrance into this space. Their goal is to aggressively target Millennials so bringing onboard celebrities like Lady Gaga and Michael Phelps is how they are looking to better connect with their audience. As of now this strategy for Intel is looking very ROI positive.