Brand Experience That No One Talks About

Brand experiences are becoming a critical part of brands but there’s still so much that’s unknown about this concept. Here we want to break down the brand experience that no one talks about. In order to do that we need to start by understanding what exactly is the brand experience. Essentially brand experience is that subjective tangible experience that your customer has when they interact with your brand or products. In simple terms, it’s the way your brand delivers its brand promise.

Brand experience is a cycle that happens when consumers search for products, shop for them, receive service, and finally when they consume your products. That is why the brand experience needs to be consistent whether it’s online or offline. Brand experiences include a multitude of specific sensations, feelings, cognitions, and behavioral responses triggered by a certain brand-related stimulus. Brand stimulus can include a brand’s design and identity (ie: name, logo, signage), packaging, and marketing communications (ie: advertisements, brochures, Web sites).

The challenge is that just like brand awareness there hasn’t been a sure shot standard of measurement that’s been developed yet. But there are some goals that brands have used as a way of measuring brand experience. Some are brand love, brand loyalty, brand community or even through customer engagement and feedback whether it’s on social media, surveys, or offline. Another challenge is that the since brand experiences are subjective, it can vary in the way each consumer experiences your brand. This is where it’s your brand’s responsibility to really get to know who your customer is, not just the demographics of your customer but really painting a picture of who they are.

Here are some examples of brand experience from the perspective of consumers who are using these brands.

American Express

  • It’s an interactive experience

  • Part of luxury, sophistication, and exclusivity

  • Because of sponsoring activities, I feel fun, excitement, and entertainment

W Hotel

  • Being part of something fun, happening, and exciting

  • It was an amazing feeling to hang out in the lobby

  • Service is disappointing


  • The search is elegant; it creates a mood of playfulness and curiosity

  • I feel happy and proud because I am “smart” and “in-the-know.”

  • With Google, I change the way I organize and interact with information


  • Shopping experience is very pleasant

  • Products are displayed to please the eye

  • Many stores are putting in Starbucks for an even more enhanced shopping experience


  • Stimulates my senses

  • I feel like a child; I feel warm and safe; I want to discover things; the brand reminds me to use my imagination

  • I feel part of the magic