Evolution of Brand Loyalty

A brand’s experience is only as valuable as how it’s customers perceive it. As brands grow the evolution of brand loyalty must grow alongside it. Every customer who is loyal to your brand believes that your brand is changing their lives. But that’s not enough to sustain the experience if you don’t provide some kind of perks to those customers who have been by your side they may eventually switch brands.

Loyalty programs can often be dry so how can your brand spruce up your rewards program to those “ride or die” customers without being a snooze fest this holiday?  

Create Exclusive Experiences

Today’s consumers want to be part of your brand’s experience, they want to be heard, seen and really understood. So why not provide exclusive fun experiences to those loyal customers who spend a little more with your brand. Maybe you can offer an invite-only behind the scenes of how your product is made, a special excursion for your top spending customers, or even getting creative like offering them a Safari trip for 2.

Embrace the Smartphone

Let’s be honest, who wants to carry an extra card or piece of plastic. Today less is best, but we all carry our phones everywhere. So figuring out how to integrate a loyalty card onto mobile will ensure that customers will always have access to their cards and keep track of points earned.

Membership Perks

Now if you want to take loyalty cards to the next level, why not introduce membership options. Yes! Allowing your customers to be part of a VIP membership speaks to their need for social status. It makes them feel special. Allowing special discounts or free goodies could be part of the perks of being a member of your brand’s super exclusive club.

Personalized Rewards

According to a 2017 research by Deloitte, 44% of consumers would like personalized rewards based on their past purchases. This is a trend that will continue into 2019 as customers seek out those brands that are really willing to cater to their specific needs. So why not apply the same idea to your brand’s loyalty program.

The key to rewards programs is that it needs to be relevant to your customers and what they want. It’s not about your brand but in fact,  you need to keep thinking about what value your brand is bringing to the table that’s going to be meaningful to your customers.