2019 Customer Experience Trends You Won't Want to Miss

The end of Q4 is fast approaching and brands are gearing up for holiday sales while vying at 2019 trends. This year we started to see a shift in brands where the focus is mainly on customer experience. It’s not something new but today’s consumer is asking for a whole different type of experience than say five years ago.

Consumers want to be part of the brand journey, they want to be part of your brand story and most importantly they want to be seen and heard. It means that your brand will need to reshape the way it connects with customers.

Here’s what’s on the horizon for 2019 customer experience trends:

1. Employee Influencer Marketing

We’ve all heard about the wild success of influencer marketing but this is also a category that is becoming quickly saturated. So brands are starting to look inward towards their own employees as influencers. This strategy has plenty of benefits from promoting employee loyalty to cutting cost.

2. Verbal Intelligence

This is a category that will continue to grow year after year so it’s pertinent that brands think about how to integrate this function into their brand experience.

3. Chatbots

Consumers today are no longer demanding but requiring instant gratification and that goes for customer support. Consumers want to be able to instantly access information and help so employing chatbots (if it makes sense for your brand) will be another avenue to grow your customer experience.

4. Sharing Economy

We’ve all heard the saying, “sharing is caring,” and the sharing economy has been a consistent rising star. This trend is mostly driven by Millennials who see this not just as an economic way of living but also as a way of sharing trusted information. It speaks to the fact that our consumers are needing instant gratification, hence brands such as Uber, Netflix, Amazon have become widely popular. It’s through one click of a button that the customer can attain their wants.

5. Know Your Customer

It’s no longer about fitting your customer into a bucket of statistics, you need to get to know them. In order for brands to have longevity in the marketplace, they need to know about their customers’ lives. What problems are they facing, who are they, what are their personalities and many more details which can not be ascertained through simple numbers. Therefore when brands paint a precise picture of who their customers are it creates a personal connection. It also makes personalization of your product or services much easier. This rising demand is prevalent as customer seek out brands that will change their lives for the better.