Museums Throw Snowballs for Brand Awareness

In the midst of the northeastern bomb cyclone snowstorm, Twitter was filled with snowball fights by museums across the East Coast. Using the #museumsnowballfight museums shared some of their iconic snow photos and fun trivia facts about winter weather. So who threw the first snowball? It was none other than the Museum of the City of New York.

This kind of campaign may seem pointless to some but when it comes to building your brand it’s a brilliant approach that won’t drain out your marketing budget. The cost merely zero the upsides are also pretty great. In fact here are the perks of witty social media banter:

Brand Awareness

You get to build awareness by reaching people who you might not normally reach. When you engage other brands in a conversation people will look, they’ll respond and even share your content.

Being Part of a Viral Campaign

Viral campaigns have the power to boost your brand. Take for example the #metoo movement, it garnered over 600K mentions on Instagram alone. The movement is still going strong even after many months.

Gain New Followers

Friendly brand banter can, in fact, help you gain new followers on social media. Your brand will have the possibility of gaining hundreds of new followers within a short amount of time. Now, who doesn’t want new followers? We all do, of course.

Build Engagement and Community

This is also one of the results of witty brand banter on social media. Brands aren’t the only ones who will get involved but so will other users who will post their own personal message while using the hashtag. Just a word of caution here, make sure you’re starting a respectable banter. One that isn’t so will cost you followers and also bring forth the critics.

The next time you want to boost your brand’s awareness, do consider some witty banter and engage other brands. Don’t be shy.