Connecting With Gen Z's

This year the new hype generation will be Gen Z’s. Last year brands started to take the necessary steps to ensure that they understand this generation. Since they’re going to have the most spending power in the marketplace in the upcoming years. The oldest of Gen Zers will be turning 21 this year.

This is a generation which is also tech-savvy and is going to have different needs compared to those of Millennials. According to Nielsen, 97 percent of Gen Zers have smartphones, 78 percent have tablets, while only 70 percent of millennials and Gen Xers have smartphones and tablets. So what does this mean for your brand?  

If you’re going to market to this generation you will have to learn how to connect with them, So it starts with speaking their language. If you’re having FOMO (fear of missing out) because you’re totally lost here, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s a working list of Gen Z lingo terms:


Describes actions that appear mature or grown-up.

Glow up

Too #blessed to be stressed.


Something that is good; can also be used to agree with someone. "Wow, your handbag is so Gucci right now."


Hit me up


Shorthand for "like my recent."


A big party. The move got shut down.


When someone is angry, upset or irritated. "Don’t be salty because someone stole your idea.”


"That feeling when ..." For example, TFW when you glow up.”


Coming off as extremely desperate.


Socially or culturally aware