When Your Brand's Sales & Marketing Collide

Brands are made because of the team you have in place. But what happens when your teams collide? Too often brands face challenges within between sales and marketing. Two of the most crucial pieces any brand needs to stay alive.

Sales think marketing doesn't do anything other than dictating what should be done. Marketing thinks the sales department are glorified rogue operatives that just run amuck. This kind of disconnect can easily break down your brand’s image and create a dissonance when it comes to your brand message. So what do you do when these two worlds collide?

Intertwine Your Brand Into Everything You Do

Branding isn’t just for your customers but also for your team. Make sure your core values are in line with what you reward your team with or how you incentivize your team. When there is a disconnect that’s when your team will be at odds with each other.

Create a Brand People Are Proud Of

As part of your brand’s responsibility is to create a brand that people will like. Too often sales struggle with gaining new customers because they don’t believe or like the brand. If you create a product that your team can’t be behind then the sales won’t soar.

Empower Your Team

When your team knows what to focus on that it can create a brand that moves cohesively in the right direction. Focus on the results of what your brand wants to accomplish. Along with focus provide your team with insights that can help them understand your brand in depth.

Switch It Up

Sometimes it's better to show than tell. Have your sales and marketing team switch roles for a day. This will help both teams understand the challenges faced by the other team and help them create solutions how to better work together.