Is Pinterest Making a Comeback?

Don’t sleep on Pinterest because it has been a rising star lately. Brands are paying attention and even adding Pinterest into their social marketing strategy. The platform allows visual social sharing and has been a favorite for the transformational consumer. That customer that’s looking to better their life whether in health and wellness, finance, or DIY project ideas.

The key to successfully utilizing this platform whose main demographic is women is making it all about the customer and not about your brand. How will your brand bring value to better the customer’s life? How will your brand inspire, create change and possibilities for the customer by helping them along the way.

Here’s what you need to know about Pinterest in order to create a successful brand strategy utilizing this growing platform.

Pinterest Has A Longer Staying Power

According to studies, pinners engage in content for an average of 110 days once it’s uploaded onto the site. If compared to Twitter the average staying power is almost 30 minutes.

They’re Global

There’s over 50 billion pins and one billion boards across the world and it’s growing year over year.

Solve Problems for Users

Create content that will help solve everyday problems for users. Whether it’s Vegan recipes, DIY gardens, remodeling the den, things to do with the kids, etc. These are the types of content that will get shares and engagement.

Be Creative

Dare to bare the status quo be creative with how you use Pinterest. You can plan an event and run contest, get your customers to be a part of your brand’s initiative, or even run offers.