What Brands Can Learn From Boxing & UFC

Exactly one month ago the world of Boxing and UFC collided in an epic match between Mayweather and McGregor, a fight that lit up the world of sports and the internet alike. it was estimated that this fight would garner 75-80 million dollars in ticket sales and this didn’t include wagers or bets. This was one of the heaviest wagered fights in history. So how exactly did these two totally different brands create such a bombastic hype and what they get right to spike revenue?

Create An Experience Using Shock & Awe

Both sides used to shock and awe as the major strategies. They wanted ticket holders to think that these two guys really hated each other. Both contenders even further demonstrated this with an Instagram photo that circulated on social media. It showed McGregor with a single duffle bag of plastic wrapped cash, Mayweather a table filled with neatly stacks wads of hundred dollar bills. This further fueled spectators to pick a side. The amount of smack talk that both sides participated in further swelled the hype and the crowd’s anticipation.

Unexpected Strategic Partnership

Boxing & UFC who would’ve thought these two sports would’ve created a partnership? One sport allows kicking the other not so much. Even the rules of both sports collide and seem unlikely to ever step into the same arena together. Nonetheless, it did. Both activities were considered sports but they each had a different audience. In the end, the partnership allowed both sports gain exposure to new fans and customers.

Brand Awareness

Through shock and awe, they quickly engaged the public, the promoters and everyone that would listen to the hype. When a brand generates this much noise people will be curious and people will tune into what you have to say.

Easily Accessible

They also got T-Mobile Arena to host the event which makes it available to a larger number of attendees. Not just that, the fight was also made public through pay-per-view for those who didn’t have the budget to fly out to Vegas and drop serious dough on tickets.