Change Your Story, Change Your Brand

Every brand should be a fanatical storyteller as it is through your brand’s story that customers will empirically follow you. Have you ever noticed what every great story has in common? They fulfill the most basic framework for storytelling that everyone can follow. This framework clearly lays out who is the main character, the problem, the solution and the action needed to take in order to solve the problem. That is also why so many people love the story of an underdog rising up to success. It’s because their story fulfills the framework.

What happens when your brand’s story becomes diluted and polluted as in the case of United Airlines. How will you brand change its brand story without having to do a complete rebranding? There are three different strategies you can utilize to reshape how consumers are experiencing your brand.

Do Good For Your People

Your team is tirelessly working with you customers, connecting them to your brand. When a company is bad to its employees the work gets out and customer tends to turn away from that brand. But when you take care of your team customers are more inclined to follow you because they perceive that if you take care of your team then, in turn, you will take care of your customers. A great example is IKEA India they provide 6 months paternal leave for everyone no matter what.

Change Your Business Process

Some brands might find that doing good for their people to be a costly approach. So they may opt to change the process of their business and how they are used to doing things. Quartet Communications a Japanese agency started to pay employees a bonus for not working overtime. What they found was that overtime was cut down significantly from 9 hours of overtime to 3 hours per person.

Do Something Great With Your Values

When a brand is clear on its values they can also use that to make a change. The Time Hotel in Dubai will be opening its first location that has 80% female staff in management positions. They will also be providing additional education to their staff in order to catapult their careers to the next level.