Does Your Chatbot have Botsonality?

As we usher in a new era of voice activation of almost everything in our lives, I wonder does your chatbot have “Botsonality” or translated into human talk chatbot personality? Now you’re probably wondering why does that matter? Oh, it matters plenty!

You see as brands find more innovative ways to either save or seize the attention of their customers, chatbots will have to congruently rise up in the level of connection it has with customers. When it comes to gaining loyal followers, your brand needs a personality to connect emotionally and your chatbot is no different as it’s a small piece of your brand’s real estate.

In order to create a humanized chatbot it will take some time, effort and a lot of tinkering. But to start with here’s a few ideas that will get you heading in the right direction.

Never Leave Users Clueless

As a user how many times have you asked Siri about a location and it sent you on your way to the other side of town that might’ve been too shady for your taste? Well when you create your chat bot you want to make sure that your bots will be able to be clear when communicating with your users.

Upbeat But Not OD

It’s as important for your chatbot to be positive as it is upbeat. The chatbot should come across as cheery but not overly cheery leaving users annoyed.

Deciding Between Right & Wrong

Make sure that your chatbot can discern between right and wrong. Good from bad when it comes to responding to customer’s needs.

Auto Completion Please

When you can identify what customers want before they know they want it is the way to go. Remember that you are either seizing or saving attention or time for your customers. Just like Google when it can auto complete sentences or words for you as a user you get a bit giddy about it don’t you?

Understand Your Customer

Chatbots need to understand the behavior of customers it interacts with. Is the customer here to browse or are they looking for product or information immediately? When your bot understands this then it will be able to provide efficient customer service.

The Fail Safe

You want to have a built in fail safe switch, which allows users to switch over to a live agent if chatbots aren’t able to assist. By making the process as seamless as possible with create a pleasurable customer experience.