Next Generation Branding: Gen Zer's

It’s official millennials are played out as they enter into their 30’s, the new “in generation” is the Gen Z’ers. Have you heard of them yet? These are the kids born between 1996-2010. They’re young, hyper competitive, and less collaborative. This is the first generation in history that will dictate what’s cool to the rest of the world.

What does it mean for brands? Well brands need to start thinking about pivoting their branding and marketing strategies as Gen Z’ers usher in an new era of advertising and lifestyle. This is a generation that isn’t afraid to start their own business even though they may be 14. Or even write a book.

They grew up having full access to information on the internet and are hyper technologically advanced. They create their own content and showcase it on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. So many of them will already have a personal brand in place before they even enter college. With this new generation here’s what brands need to be vigilantly cognizant of when crafting strategy around capturing this group’s attention:

Ads Be Gone- Value First

Your ads will no longer appeal to Gen Z’s. Brands need to start curating content that’s of value. Gen Z’s are more interested in what your brand can do for them. Rather than what they can do for your brand. Your brand’s content needs to keep it real- authenticity with an organic feel to it.

Celebrity Endorsements Don’t Phase Them

Now if you’re looking to use celebrities you can kibosh that idea as well. Gen Z’s aren’t interested in celebrity endorsements either. 63% of Gen Z’ers surveyed say they’d rather see real people in ads as opposed to a celebrity.

Talk Is Cheap

This is a generation that isn’t interested in just what you say, but they need to see that you’re backing it up with real results and action. No longer will your word be worthy, they need proof.

The Multi-Screen Generation

Since this is a hyper tech savvy generation, they are most likely going to be using multi screens in order to consume content. They are well aware of how valuable their attention is and everyone will be vying for it. On average they will be using up to 5 screens bouncing between smartphone, laptop, tablets.

Shorter Attention

Remember how you used to have 15 seconds to capture the attention of users? Well that’s no longer the case with this generation. You will have 8 or less seconds to garner their attention and create content of value. Can you do it?

Strictly Online Purchasers

They will only be purchasing through online portals so the average brick and mortar won’t be their primary choice to purchase. As brands you need to start figuring out how you’re going to either save or seize Generation Z’s attention.

With all these touch points covered, brands need to be aware that this is a generation that’s all about community and they just want everyone to get along. Now that we covered Gen Z’s are you ready for Generation Alpha? They’re currently 5 years old and younger.