Where The Magic of Personal Branding Lives

Personal branding- the other HOT HOT topic next to social influencers. So many times people have asked us, “how can we improve on our personal brand.” There’s actually a simple answer to that, there’s a magical sweet spot you need to tap. The intersection of your passions, your strengths, and what the world needs.

That magical space is going to be your brand’s purpose. You’re probably wondering what’s the roadmap? Or maybe I want to know the quick and dirty ingredients that will boost my personal brand to the next level.

We’re going to break it down for you. And for the purpose of the article we’re going to be using Richard Branson of the Virgin Group as an example.

 Tell Me Your Passion

Yes, get clear on what you’re passionate about. Is it tech? Maybe it’s fashion or reading poetry. Whatever your passion is, it needs to be a passion that’s so big, that’s at your core. Many of you will have many different passions but pick one that can not live without. Here’s Richard’s passion, “taking on big social and business challenges.”

 What’s Your Strengths?

When it comes to your strengths you might find it hard to figure out what they are so don’t be afraid to ask people who know you. This is a great question you want to also ask yourself, “If I was a superhero, what would be my superpower?” This might help get the juices flowing. Richard states that he’s good at bringing people together to solve social and business challenges.

What’s Wrong In The World?

This is a question that will warrant so many different answers but you want to ask yourself these three questions. What’s missing? What’s currently broken? What is the competition failing at? Here Branson believes that businesses should be a force for good.

Brand Purpose

This is that magical space where stars shine and fireworks go off. Your brand purpose is where the three things we mentioned above will intersect. Everyone’s brand purpose will be different, so keep in mind there’s no right or wrong answer. Richard’s personal brand purpose is to change business for good.

Create Your Action Steps

Once you have these mapped out, you want to create next steps as to how you’re going to get your brand out into the world. Whether it’s through podcasts, photographs, blogs, etc. whatever you choose it has to be a medium that will resonate with you personally.