From Customer to Your Brand's Superhero

Is your brand on a quest to finding it’s next superhero customer? That customer who’ll be your brand’s cheerleader. The brand ambassador that raves about your brand as though you totally changed their lives? Don’t fret this is a common symptom that many start-up brands are combating. There’s one major fix for this challenge- ACTIVE LISTENING.

Yes, the act of truly listening online will help you identify who these customers are. Now keep in mind, not every customer will be your brand’s advocate but you’re in search for the 1% who are. When your brand finds the most engaged 1%, they are the customers that you want to focus on.

You’re wondering how you’re ever going to find them online? The steps may sound fairly easy but it will take time, patience and a bit of elbow grease to identify your brand’s superheroes.

Delight Through Amazing Customer Experience:

When you deliberately design a customer experience with the goal of amazing customers, you’ll stand apart from the competition. This is the first step to harnessing a customer who will come back and rave about your brand.

Bring Them Into Your Inner Circle:

Once you’ve identified who your raving fans are you need to create a community or tribe that allows them the space to share their experience. Even by giving these customers some sort of inside scoop about your brand will make them feel special. Who doesn’t want to feel special?

Surprise Your Customers:

When you send customers a small gift just because, it’s such a pleasant surprise because not many brands are doing it. Don’t wait till your brand messes up to send a gift. Be proactive and delight.

Feedback Baby:

Don’t be shy, ask for feedback. Even though your brand ambassadors’ are raving about your brand they will also be the first ones to let you know when you’ve messed up. Why? Simply because they feel like they have a connection with your brand. These same customers are also the one’s who are interacting with others about your brand so listen up to what they have to say.

Create A Referral Program:

This is a bonus tip and not all brands will choose to utilize this channel. But referral programs can be a great way for customers to help your brand drum up awareness. It can also expose your brand to new customers.