Simple Branding Made Simple

This is the moment of truth- reality check brands. Are you over complicating things? I mean are you making things harder than you need to? If you are here’s a large dose of check yourself before you wreck yourself. According to the Siegel+Gale Simplicity Index:

  • 63% of customers are willing to pay a bit extra for a simple experience

  • 69% are likely to refer a brand that provides a simple experience

So are you now convinced that your brand needs to serve a need or solve a problem with simplicity? Successful brands are those who are extremely focused on simplifying the customer’s experience. Now if you’re wondering how you can streamline your brand and create a leaner business here’s what you need to know:

Be Easy:

The more complicated you make your offerings the less likely it is that customers will think of you first. Customers want to use a product that not only solves a problem for them but makes it as easy as 1-2-3 in the process. For example if your brand is offering multiple promotions at the same time, it will create major confusions. Keep it simple to maximum 2 different types of promotions. You want your brand to be easily understood.

Position From Power:

You always want to position your brand from a power position in order to succeed. In order to do that your brand needs to answer these:

  1. Your company is …

  2. Your company does …

  3. Your company serves …

Study How The Pro’s Do It:

If you’re needing some inspiration, check out how these pro’s do simplicity branding.

  • Google (Simple website, yet provides a ton of valuable information)

  • Zappos (Allows you to try on and return at ease)

  • Warby Parker (No need to go to the optical store to get glasses, they come to you)

  • Netflix (A monthly subscription gives you limitless movies without ads)

  • Amazon (Buy almost anything on a single platform