Why Your Brand Will Fail to Launch

Brands big and small all dream about engaging throngs of customers who will absolutely love their products or services. These customers will be clamoring at the doors, waiting in line just to work with your brand and they’re willing to pay any amount of money just to be in your breathing space. It’s a great dream but unfortunately not the reality!

As brands mature they will change many things about their strategy and image. But in the beginning so often brands experience the failure to launch because they haven’t clearly mapped out their vision and mission all across. If you as the brand aren’t clear about your goals how can anyone align with you?

 Here's the reasons why your brand will fail:

 Identity Crisis:

Be sure of what you want to portray to customers. Don’t decide that you’re going to be a sophisticated brand this week and next week you decide to discount all your products to $0.99. It’s impossible for you to attract the right customers if you’re sending out mixed messages.

Not Knowing Your Value:

This happens too often where brands aren’t sure or don’t have a clear set of value system in place. The haphazard approach of throwing sh*t to the wall and seeing what works is a guaranteed failure. Sit down and write out what you brand’s core values are. For inspiration here’s one of Zappo’s, “deliver WOW through service.”

Going At it Alone:

Yes we know the “Hero’s Journey,” is so sexy, strong and very true in many cases. But when it comes to branding don’t try to be the “Hero Brand,” find a strategic partner. It’s ok to align yourself with another brand or even influencers, this doesn’t make you weak. In fact it makes you look stronger and much more sexy, because you’ll be connecting with customers that you couldn’t reach before.

Not Designing The Customer Experience:

This is a deliberate process of mapping out from start to finish what you want your customer to experience both online and offline. It can start with your logo and website but it needs to also be much larger than that. This requires that you pull in how you want your customers to feel from the moment you say hello. At each step you want to make sure that customers are consistently feeling the same emotions.

Ignoring Your Team:

The team you have in place are at the ones at the front lines when it comes to working closely with clients. You need to figure out ways to have your team drink the proverbial company Kool Aide. This has to be done in an organic manner. The same way you serve organic ads to customers is the same way you need to approach your team. Get to know them as people what are their passions, dreams and goals. What makes them light up and what makes them sad are equally important things you want to know about. Keeping your team happy, inspired and engaged will help move your brand to the next level.