Secrets to Exploding Your Customer Experience

The ever escaping rally cry of what constitutes as “THE” customer experience (CX) in today’s ever changing world boggles brands regularly. In this moment, in any market, customers are demanding for quality experiences. Our consumers today are not just looking for one experience but in fact they’re looking to collect multiple experiences from multiple brands in real time. This poses as a real challenge especially for brand loyalty.

 Consumers are in some ways “experience cheating” on your brand, seeking the next thrill, the next “in” thing, that will level up their social status. So what exactly can your brand do in order to satisfy the experience appetite of today’s consumer? Many haven’t strayed too far from the continuum of social media posts and videos. But there are a few trends in CX that your brand can utilize to take it to the next level. It is through deliberate CX design that your brand will stand apart from the competition.

 Shock & Awe

There’s nothing like breaking out of the status quo box. The more your brand can delight your customers with engaging and creative experiences, the more they will pay attention. If we look at Gary Vee as a brand, what he says at times will surely shock you. He makes comments like, “You’re going to die soon. Do something about it.” Nonetheless it’s that kind of brutal honesty and shock that will garner attention.


Your customers want to feel good. They want to know that by consuming your product they will be better. For example Yoga as a collective brand is not only a lifestyle but the biggest attractant to the practice is for the bettering of your well being, both spiritually and physically. Thus yoga exploded as a worldwide phenomenon.

The Experience Venture

As the retail market for free standing stores shrink, many brands have gotten creative. They’ve devised a sort of cohabitation space within their retail stores by offering classes, events, or inviting a few celebrities to share their wisdom. Samsung 837 in NYC embodies this concept well. In their flagship NYC store they open their doors inviting the public to attend special keynote events. Apple has also announced that they will be offering additional courses in select retail stores, teaching photography and more.