Why Breaking Up With Clients Is Good For Your Brand

It’s hard breaking up with clients. Every business knows that serving clients is the lifeline of the brand. Many of us will take on clients knowing that they probably aren’t going to be the best clients for us. Yet we knowingly spend our time with them in order to hit our numbers.

But these might be clients who are extremely indecisive and 8 months later have still yet to decide on what color to use for their logo. Or what about those clients that only know how to speak down to you even when you’re trying to help their brand. What about clients that refuse to accept that they need to make changes to their brand?

When you come across these types of clients, you need to really assess. It may be painful having that gut wrenching breakup conversation but it can in fact boost your brand. Here’s the top reasons why:

1. Shows That You’re Serious

Your time is as valuable as anyone else’s so when you break up with a client, you’re letting them know that you take their time and yours very seriously. If a client can't appreciate that then you need to simply move on.

2. Spending Time in The Right Places

This will free you up to focus on clients who want to work with your brand. It may even make you happier doing the things that you love.

3. Creates Exclusivity

When you are selective of which clients you take on, it creates an exclusive image. The rarer the opportunity, the more clients are willing to pay. If you think about it, anything that’s limited edition is always priced much higher.

4. You Pick Your Perfect Clients

It’s important that you work with people you like. So now that you know what kind of client you aren’t willing to work with, you get to be picky as to which types of clients you will take on.