Power of Social Influencers

The concept of social influencer marketing has been thrusted into the limelight and onto the radar of Marketing VP’s for big and small brands alike. Organizations are scrambling to allocate dollars to their budget for this rising category. So what’s the big hype about social influencers? Do they really have that much of a pull? Why are brands willing to pay top dollars to collaborate with influencers?  

The reasons are simple, social influencers are highly engaged and trusted by their audience. So it’s easy for them to introduce a brand in a subtle way without the old fashion, “In you face” buy tactic. Social influencers are meeting millennials where they engage in content, whether it’s watching a YouTube video or trolling the Instagram pages.

 Today’s audience consumes information much differently than how our parents were consuming information. They are much more savvy and are more willing to trust influencers who they like and follow. So the question on the minds of many marketers is, will this be a category that’s here to stay or could it just be another marketing ploy used to reel in the younger generations?

From what we are seeing this is only a category that will get stronger as many of the baby boomers are retiring. Brands are looking to increase their social influencer marketing dollars this year and well into 2018. This rising star category is a definite must for brands.

So here are the top reasons why you should work with social influencers:

Boost Sales

Influencers have built a sort of digital trust with their audience. People will only buy from people who they trust, like and believe in. So when your brand is aligned with the right influencer it has the potential to drive revenue.

They Engage

Social influencers are artists in their own right. Especially in the way they engage with the audience. They engage in a way that creates interest and curiosity. If you are a small marketing team that doesn’t have the manpower or time to divulge in answering all the comments, influencers do a great job at it on a mass scale.

Excellent Value for Your Money

You can actually find amazing influencers out there who have a large following who actually don’t charge much for working with them. It’s just a matter of finding who they are.

They’re Transparent

This is one of the greatest quality about influencers, they are very transparent in all they do online and offline. Which in turn creates more trust among their fan base.

Outside of the Box Thinkers

They are great at shaking things up! Tell an influencer what are your goals and what you want to accomplish while giving them full creative control and I promise you, you will be wow’d!

Brand Awareness Builders

When working with influencers keep in mind that the campaign will always be about brand awareness. It’s great when you work with an influencer long term because that’s when you really see your ROI increase.